Journaling Your Truth: Channeled Writing from Your Spirit Guides


I believe everyone has the ability to channel (connect with their guide, spirit, the source). Most people find it difficult to sit still long enough to listen or see the messages that are being presented to them everyday. We get caught up in our daily lives, paying bills, taking care of others, working our jobs, etc. When we learn to sit still, focus on the moment, be aware, messages come to us in all different forms. Messages can come through a song on the radio, words on a billboard, in a dream. Ask a question and spirit is more than willing to bring you the answer, if it is for your highest good and if you are willing to sit still long enough to receive it.

This course is intended to help those curious, the beginner or those wanting to practice the quiet time to receive information. Are you asking: What is this all about? Do I have these abilities? Why does this keep happening to me? What is spirit trying to tell me? Then this course is for you.