After 15 years of selling her animal illustrations at art fairs, Frances got burned out with the constant traveling and expenses related to displaying her work at the fairs. She decided to give eBay a try and found it to be so much more profitable (not to mention easier). Friends started asking her to teach them how to start selling their products on eBay and, before she knew it, another business had been created. A born teacher, Frances loves helping other entrepreneurs succeed on eBay.

Using her corporate skills as an ISO Consultant, Frances has approached selling items on eBay from an organized business standpoint.  As an Animal Artist, Frances sold her illustrations for 15 years at local crafts shows. She then turned eBay into a worldwide craft show for her items.  Knowing first-hand what does and doesn’t work, Frances will show you how to categorize, research, write and post your items for the most beneficial exposure on eBay and using Paypal.  Selling on eBay is easy once you know the tricks and tools of the trade – in this case the eBay trade.  Learn the acronyms commonly used to save space and land in buyer’s searches.  Sell items for others and make money doing it.  Take the pictures with your digital camera and use your scanner.

She’s so good, she’s even written a book “How to Sell on eBay” available for $25 (plus $3 shipping). Here is a link to her eBay Store

Below is just one of the many testimonials from one of her clients:

I was forced to retire and needed something to keep me busy and bring in some extra cash. I’ve researched how to sell on eBay and thought I knew enough to get by. I was told to buy your book against my objections. I’m sure glad I did buy your book. Instead of continuing to research eBay, it helped me get started. I actually have 4 postings – nothing sold yet but we are hopeful.  EL

Frances is currently teaching this class at Saddleback College, Santa Ana College, Cerritos College, Chaffey College, Santiago Canyon College and the city Long Beach.

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Don’t have time for a class? No problem! Frances also she offers personal eBay consulting services. Her rates are $100 per hour for a personal consultation in your home or business in Orange County, CA or $75 per hour for a phone consultation. To learn more, click here to email Frances directly.

How to Sell on eBay

Everyone has lots of stuff in closets, drawers, and garages.  Some are even paying for storage areas to hold onto this stuff. Why not make some money and clear out your stuff at the same time?  This class will show you how to Sell on eBay. Lessons include: opening a seller account, the anatomy of the listing, write descriptions to get into your buyers view, research tools for competitive pricing, best practices to keep your seller rating high, use of seller tools, complete transactions, best shipping practices to save you and your customer time and money, Paypal account set up, use and recordkeeping.