About Frances W. Greenspan

Animal Communicator and Intuitive

As an only child with the family dogs and cats as her sole companions, Frances developers her powerful affinity with animals early on. What came as a complete surprise, however, was when she spoke to a dog she was grooming, and her canine client actually talked back!

Uncanny yet credible, this remarkable intuitive can tune in spiritually to living animals as well as your beloved fur family members who have passed on. Resolving their behavioral issues, anxiety, even illness by going right to the source of the problem and seeking input from the creature itself allows Frances the opportunity to soothe not just the pets but their concerned humans as well.

Frances is a south-after expert on the subject, working on her fifth book on Amazon, Voice for the Animals. She also holds instructional classes so you, too, can Learn to Speak with the Animals, teaching a course based on her fourth book of that same name.

Frances is an animal artist, former pet groomer and animal communicator who has been actively involved in the world of animals from an early age. As an only child, her dogs and cats were her first playmates.

Her career as a professional artist began in high school, and has rapidly grown into an impressive line of unique animal illustrations, portraits and products. Her specialty is custom animal portraits skillfully illustrated from favorite pet photographs. Frances offers a wide selection of drawings, from family pets to exotic wildlife. You might want to consider a custom pen and ink drawing Gift Certificate for those who have everything and love their pets as their children.

Today, Frances is recognized as one of the finest animal artists in the world by Cat Fancy Magazine and has received excellent reviews in a wide variety of publications. She’s also been featured in OC Metro’s “Lightbulb Moment” section.

Check out her eBay store: Animal Drawings by F W Greenspan

As a pet groomer, her psychic development grew when the animals began to “speak” to her. This began quite innocently when she was talking to a Lhasa Apso (male) and Toy Poodle (female) she was grooming. They were from the same household and it was obvious to Frances that the poodle received most of the attention. She said out loud to the male, “She gets all the attention, doesn’t she?” In a Southern drawl, Frances heard in her head the words, “Yep, she’s mom’s and I’m dad’s.” This startled Frances, but she continued to finish her grooming of the pair. When mom and dad came to pick them up, mom went for the poodle and dad had the Lhasa on his lap. The dad said to Frances (in a Southern drawl matching the dog’s voice), “We call him ‘Mr. Personality,‘” confirming her conversation with the Lhasa. Right then and there, her communication with animals began and continues …

Frances has been featured on Animal Talk Radio as well as on popular pet websites like onlyforpetlovers.com and dogtime.com. She’s able to speak to your pets here and to those who have passed on to the other side. Find out what they want to communicate to you, resolve unanswered questions, behavioral issues – phone readings available.

Frances charges $150 for a 30 minute pet reading via phone or Zoom — charges are per pet, including those that have transitioned. For more information, call Frances at 949-412-9554 or click here to email her.

A fourth business was created for Frances when, after 15 years of selling her animal drawings at craft fairs, she decided to try something else. eBay became her worldwide craft show. Seeing how successful she was, friends began asking Frances how to sell products on eBay and, before she knew it, she was teaching classes throughout  Orange County, California.  Click here for a schedule of classes.

To learn more about any of these businesses, click here to email Frances.