How to Sell on eBay Webinar


Attend this How to Sell on eBay class in the comfort of your home at your convenience. This webinar is just under three hours jam packed with instruction and information on How to Sell on eBay. With the changes in our economy and home-based business options, we all need to look at other ways to make an income – perhaps helping others by selling their items, taking a commission, and selling the things we already have.

Everyone has lots of stuff in closets, drawers, and garages. Some are even paying for storage areas to hold onto this stuff. Why not make some money and clear out your stuff at the same time? This class will show you how to Sell on eBay. Lessons include: opening a seller account, the anatomy of the listing, write descriptions to land in your buyers view, research tools for competitive pricing, best practices to keep your seller rating high, use of seller tools, complete transactions, best shipping practices to save you and your customer time and money, PayPal account set up, use and recordkeeping.