Intuitive Readings

You might be wondering, what is an Intuitive?

Firstly, everybody has intuition. Intuition is that feeling and/or a feeling and knowing when something is about to happen. You can’t really explain it, but you just know and can sense an event or a phone call or that something isn’t quite right. As an Intuitive, I’ve developed my Intuition and trust that it strongly guides me to choose paths that divinely serve me, and I am able to do the same for you. No matter what the question, I intuitively pick up on your energy and answers come to me through feelings, visions, and thoughts of just “knowing” something to be so. Intuitive readings are great for questions about relationships, career & business, health, finances, moving, and pretty much anything else your heart desires to know!

An Intuitive Reading is like a session with a coach or a mentor. There is a lot of processing, releasing and transforming of mental, emotional and physical energy blocks that you might be experiencing in your life. And that’s why a good reading is an opportunity for you as a client to heal and feel better.

I personally guide you and mentor you through the time of the consultation using my heightened perception. We look at where you are today, and how to best align with your plan, overcome your blocks, and restore your wellbeing. The result is getting the answers that you need to proceed with grace and peace and start to live as you want with confidence.

How do I receive information?

My readings are based on the information that I pick up from the energy at the time of the reading.  My personal Spiritual Guides, your Guardian Angels and Guides, spirits of your relatives who passed away – they all provide me with a valuable insight.  In addition to reading the energy, I use psychometry as needed.  My approach in conducting readings is to empower you as my client, bring you to a place of peace where you can look at things that you might have paid little attention to, and provide you with a valuable insight so that you may proceed with grace, trust and confidence in your heart.

It is natural and healing to tap into our God-given intuition and consciousness that has all possible information and answers that we need. We do indeed have all the answers to our questions. Our whole being knows exactly what is good for us and what is not. We can distinguish with astonishing precision truth from lies. The key to it is our intuition. The real purpose of the readings is getting rid of confusion to make a decision, gaining more clarity, recognizing challenges in regards to your health, work, relationships and finances and available routes to take in order to overcome them. Readings are highly therapeutic, gentle and empowering for you in your life.

I can help you to…

  • See things from a fresh perspective and create options you might not have realized were there. The sessions are helpful in assessing your strengths and weaknesses and uncovering your natural talents.
  • Understand inner messages and lessons to be learned from situations, relationships and chronic problems in your life.
  • See beyond the limiting beliefs you might have of yourself or of your situation. I help you expand your view and stretch to your full potential.
  • Discover the goals and visions you have for your life. I work with you, using my intuitive skills to help you choose the best path to achieve your dreams.
  • Gain insight into personal and business relationships. I use my intuition to describe the complex personality dynamics that create a relationship. The information I provide helps you see the relationship from a new perspective, allowing you to move it in a more positive direction.

Questions People Have Asked During Readings:

  • How can I transition from my current job that I hate to the one I really want?
  • What am I missing that my guides really want me to know?
  • Why can’t I lose weight and what can I do to get the body I want?
  • What is my life purpose? Why am I here?
  • How can I help my brother with his addiction?
  • How can I earn more money and get out of debt?
  • Should I stay in this relationship or leave?
  • Should I move and if so, where?
  • How can I get over my depression?
  • What college major is going to work out best for me?

What are YOUR pressing questions? What do YOU want to know?

What to expect from an Intuitive Reading

My consultations have a powerful blend of psychology, metaphysics and spirituality, plus a strong measure of practicality drawn from my business background. During a session, I’ll assist you via a combination of insightful questions and intuitive guidance. You can expect that a session will help you identify your goals and show you the path that will take you there.

First and foremost I connect your conscious, daily self—the self who pays the phone bill and wonders if that guy is ever going to call back and if you turned off the stove and, well, you fill in the blanks—with your “true self,” what some people refer to as the soul. The part of us that we typically only connect to first thing in the morning or in our dreams. In an intuitive reading, I help you develop a more daily way to connect to who you really are.

Before our meeting, find a notebook you like and think a little about what you’d like to focus on.  When we meet, we will discuss your intent and/or question(s) and then I will begin to share the responses I receive—reading the energy and using psychometry, if needed, for more information.

Although I often gain insight into your past and future, that is not the central focus of my intuitive readings. Details about your past, present, and possible future arrive to expand your understanding of your life right now–– of your challenges and strengths, and of the circumstances and people around you. Sometimes it may be stuff you yourself have forgotten about and sometimes it may be details about what might happen, although I believe that our future is constantly changing based on every choice we make. Often the most important information shows up while I am just tuning in to you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a reading, click here to contact Frances.