How to Buy on eBay


How to Buy on eBay Workbook – by Frances W.

With the economy the way it is, everyone is trying to save money wherever
possible.  With eBay you can get the same items you are looking for, but pay less –
sometimes for pennies on the dollar.  Do you care if someone else owned it first?  It may
still have the original sealed packaging and original tags attached (NWT = New with
Tags).  Think of eBay as a giant garage sale – someone else’s stuff is your
treasure.  They received the item as a gift and don’t really care for it – now it is your
chance to purchase it at a discounted price and they make a few bucks.

Find items from sellers around the world.  You have access to hard to find objects such
as collectibles (i.e. ornaments, bears, dolls), replacements (i.e. dishes, car parts),
discontinued, out of stock or off season items (i.e. make-up, clothing, books) and you
can find out what your stuff might be worth on the open eBay market.

The prices are great.  Purchase lots – buy more than one if it is something that is hard to
find, purchase at wholesale price rather than full retail, pay cents on the dollar at auction
prices – you can find great bargains through the auction process.

You can “window” browse and do armchair shopping with no store hours as eBay never
closes.  Join in the sport of bidding, have fun and learn new strategies.

(Note:  free shipping on all products – US only)

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