What do Your Pets Want You to Know?


What Do Your Pets Want You to Know?

Frances W. Greenspan



Frances W. Greenspan is an animal communicator, intuitive, author, teacher and
former pet groomer who has been actively involved in the world of animals from an early
age. As an only child, her dogs and cats were her first playmates. Frances speaks with
animals both here and to those who have crossed over.

She tunes in telepathically to their spirit/higher self to ask questions and receive their
answers. The responses are audible in words in her thinking voice in her head, many
times they take on the accent or way of speaking of their owner. Sometimes they show
her pictures or she feels the emotions they are experiencing.

She is able to do phone readings as this connection is direct to the spirit of the animal,
whether they are alive or have passed on. Many times when doing a house call, she
tunes in to the animal in the car while driving to the client’s home. The owners have
confirmed that the animal is different or preoccupied the 30 minutes or so before she

She assists her clientèle by reading for their pets that have passed on. She tunes in to
the name and confirms answers to questions the client may have, easing guilt for putting
them down or just saying a “thank you” for their care.

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